75% of consumers say they favour companies that offer rewards.

75% of consumers say they favour companies that offer rewards.

Captivating Customers, Keeping Them Delighted

Easy Customer Incentives

Attracting new customers has never been easier! Offer irresistible incentives that turn becoming your customer into an exciting journey they can’t resist.

Community Discovery

Join our lively community and see your business discovered by more and more consumers, unlocking customer opportunities and endless possibilities.

Exciting Rewards and Celebrations

Set sail towards success with rewards and promotions. Automated rewards and promotions, digital program with points, gifts, and exclusive discounts. Welcome new customers, celebrate birthdays, entice returning visitors with captivating campaigns.

Automated Customer Engagement

Let the magic happen! Our mobile app platform engages first-time and existing customers while you create extraordinary experiences.

Engaging Campaigns

Personalized campaigns connect rewards, offers and in-store activities for active engagement with memorable messages.

Data Analytics

Track visit history, activity, trends, demographics and more with our user-friendly dashboard on web, iOS, or Android apps. Measure the success of your customer acquisition efforts with confidence!

Retain Customers, Reap Rewards


Revenue is generated from existing customers.


Probability of selling more to an existing customer


Consumers think surprise gifts and offers are the most important way a brand can interact with them.

Get in on the Action

With Rewardola, your customers will never miss out on what’s happening around them. Share exciting sales and special events. Provide quick one-click access to shop online, food delivery,  booking and more. 

No Website, No Problem

Showcase your store with our advanced customer website. Dedicated pages include business categories, offers, rewards, and more, boosting SEO and attracting more users to find your business!

Promotional Magic

Use Rewardola’s promotions tool to create customized promotions that target all customers or specific groups, highlighting your business’s unique offerings.

Easy Communication

Active rewards, special offers, notifications, and emails work like magic to encourage customers to return, ensuring continuous engagement.

Tiered Customer Reward System

Customers progress through reward levels (Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum) based on earned points. More points mean better rewards, keeping them coming back for more.

Unmatched White Glove Service for a Budget-Friendly Loyalty Solution

Exciting Rewards

Reward customers with points, gifts, and exclusive discounts. Engage new and returning customers with captivating campaigns.

Hassle-Free Solution

Create a powerful loyalty program without programming or coding. Our fully managed solution provides support and guidance throughout your journey.

Affordable Loyalty Power

Compete with big brands without breaking the bank. Our budget-friendly option delivers impactful loyalty programs.

Rewardola is the lifeline for businesses like yours

Unlock your business’s full potential with Rewardola, the essential support and tools for success. From customizable promotions to detailed analytics, Rewardola empowers businesses across various services, like yours, to attract, engage, and grow. Join today and experience the unwavering support you need for thriving success.